Plan B – 2

The Chain of Command

There is only one political question.

It is this.

“Who says what goes?”

Whose judgement is to be obeyed (at the point of a gun) is the only question that need ever be on the political table. Until that is solved, no one can be safe from the depredations of the state. If good men occupy the seat of power, they will stand off and let the free market solve every conceivable problem save one … the one to which their presence is the solution. An honest man is the place holder that keeps the dishonest and malevolent out of power.

No amount of verbiage in a constitution or contained in philosophical tracts will stay evil from the perversion of philosophy. Anything written down can be turned to its opposite by force or deception. The only way to stop the deterioration of governmental institutions is to place honorable men in positions of power and supply the correct mechanism to maintain them there … in perpetuity.

What is needed is an infallible feedback mechanism that automatically generates the right person at all times … a feedback mechanism as foolproof as the free market itself.

It must have one overarching attribute. It must be understandable to an 18 year old male. These are the people who will maintain the feedback system by force of arms (chiefly the military) … and … these are the men most easily fooled by sophistry due to their inexperience in virtually everything. One thing they can understand however is … simple chain of command structure.

With all the foregoing in mind, I give here my solution to this problem.

Each individual has the right to :

  • Cast one personal vote
  • Receive votes from others
  • Recall those votes and …
  • Cast them for another
  • Votes must be given to one personal acquaintance
  • A representative must have not less than twice the votes of any one of his electors
  • The highest representative rules


That’s all there is.

I maintain that these rules are logical absolutes and are eternally valid anywhere and anytime. If other inhabited planets exist in our galaxy … that require collective decisions of any kind … they will do so by this method … exactly as I have given it here.

Elaboration of the rules

The first line is the one man one vote principle. To deny this is to deny the fundamental political equality of all human beings. Anyone may vote with an initially equal political power. The voters you represent constitute your ‘power’.

Anyone may vote with little regard to age or mental capacity. They need only request the right, to be given it … and demonstrate rudimentary understanding of the process they wish to participate in. Only babies and the most severely mentally handicapped are unable to vote.

You may give your vote to anyone provided that you personally know him (or her) or you can try to get people you know to give you their votes. If you collect a number of votes, you will meet others with handfuls of votes and decide to give them your votes or try to get them to give you their’s. This process continues until one person has all the votes. This is the “boss”.

Note here that all the votes you receive in the future must be given to the same person you’ve given the others to if you’ve sent your votes up the chain of command. You may not give one person a few votes and some to another and the balance to yet another. If you did this, the feedback mechanism would not work because the chain of command would proliferate beyond limit as votes were passed around helter-skelter. This is a purely technical-mathematical requirement.

The feedback mechanism is constituted by your right to recall your votes and recast them for someone else more agreeable to your opinions.

No representative can collect votes from someone who has more than he presently holds. Thus, if you have collected 1000 votes from any number of people, you cannot accept 1001 votes from another individual because your vote total (2001) would not be twice that of the elector who gave you 1001 votes. This rule is another technical requirement that forces out the hierarchical structure while allowing a person with one vote to vote for another person with one vote.

Whoever gets the most votes has the greater authority.

****** Note:  Everything beyond this page is my studied opinion.  Therefore, it may not be eternally valid and may be changed at the discretion of the chain of command.  – EBTX ******

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