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Other Forms of Government

Anarchy … This is the total absence of government. Some notable people believe that this is the eventual state we will exist in. That may be so. If a rational anarchy could be established, I’d be very comfortable with that sort of life. There is still a problem of forming a hierarchy for collective decision making … if … such decisions are ever necessary. If so, there are only a few tried and true ways of accomplishing that.

These are:

Democracy … Everybody just votes on everything and the majority rules. The problem here is that the judgement of a democracy is logically equivalent to electing the most average man as dictator and having him make all the decisions … in an uninformed state. That is, if we arrange the decisions in a yes-no format and vote democratically on them … there may be one individual whose yes-no string matches perfectly the collective choice of the democratic decision string. He is logically equivalent to the ruler of the democracy. But … no one can do his day job and keep up with all the collective problems and all the technical nuances involved in figuring out what to do. So, he takes a guess based on his life’s experience and hopes for the best. Or … he listens to ‘advisors’ (demagogues) and relies on their ‘studied’ judgement. I believe you know where this leads.

Republic … Here you elect somebody to a political office and they go away to a place where other elected officials decide what to do. Ostensibly, their decision string should be better (more educated) than what was obtained in the democracy. It should be logically equivalent to the most average among this higher sort. And that it is … much better … for the people who pay them under the table. The people who pay them for decisions in their favor, also bankroll the tremendous costs associated with getting elected (to become ‘well-known’ to the voters at large through advertising).

Theocracy … Here we get the will of God to tell us what to do (through his unelected intermediary). His priest goes into a trance-like state and comes back with the correct answer, by definition, … every time. I guess this is the best sort of collective decision making, eh? Effortless.

King … The ruler, by inheritance, does so by force of arms … but it’s OK because his family has been chosen by God to act on His behalf (at the behest of his priestly representatives). If somebody murders the king … it’s OK too, because this means that God didn’t want that family to rule anymore. Again, this is an effortless form of decision making … just bow your head, accept and obey. Easy.

Dictatorship … Whoever kills the most people rules. This is the hardest government. Obey quickly or die. Everybody who does obey gets the privilege of starving. Harsh … but so very rewarding.

That’s about it.

A rational government (command and control feedback system) is logically possible. It is as I have given it on the preceding pages and will, in principle, evolve to some final, stable state by that feedback mechanism.


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Thank you for taking the time to read this far. I hope it has given you some food for thought even if you strongly disagree with my thesis.


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