Plan B – 9

What is to be done?

Abstract theoretical solutions are fine for intellectual discussion … but a concrete, realizable model is better. We need an answer for … “What do we do now?”.

The government of the United States of America is on the verge of dissolution. It will most certainly collapse. We do not know the when of it. What is needed is a practical solution waiting in the wings so that something other than civil war can result … something more rational.

RPG … Reasonable People with Guns … or … Re-Placement Government … or … Rational People’s Government … or …

This is the proposed name of a hypothetical organization that would embody the command and control system given on page 2. We might imagine a gun club that forms a political unit in a nationwide network of such units. Each selects, by the given voting method, a representative who meets with other such representatives and the hierarchy is formed. It would resemble a political party but would have no set party platform. It has the hierarchical structure but no formal agenda. That would be set by those elected. Presumably, they would endorse a much smaller, less fascistic government with a stable, non-debt based monetary system. If they did not endorse more individual liberty, they would be de-selected by the feedback process built into the command and control system.

With such a system in place, candidates for office could be placed on the regular election ballot and voted in from the bottom up and would challenge any and all evil government edicts. Many army veterans would be pleased to join such a group if it existed as well as perhaps half of all police officers (the ones who are not evil – yes, they exist, in quantity). Also included would be an army of government informants … but all are welcome … nothing is hidden here. It’s all out in the open.

You could go online to the RPG web site and track the path of your vote to the highest representative … and … clicking on a link on that map … a bio of that representative would pop up and maybe a personal video of him as well. You would not immediately recognize most of these representatives because they are not public figures … just honorable men and women you never heard of before. But you’d be hearing plenty in the run up to the standard elections.

What does the Democratic or Republican party endorse? Libertarian? Constitutional? Communist? … and … RPG?

If RPG had 20 million members, it would be formidable and could not be ignored. On election day you could have a shooting festival at the gun range using cardboard cutouts of Demopublican officials for targets just as Homeland Security uses cardboard cutouts of old men, children and pregnant women as targets. Once in power, the actual intent of the Constitution could be restored.


This is a major problem for any upstart, waiting-in-the-wings, shadow government. At the beginning, the members would have to kick in a few bucks to send their representatives to meet with other representatives in other parts of the country and to set up a usable web site (and later an on-line bank). If 20,000,000 members ante up $10 … that’s $200,000,000 which should be enough money to get it off the ground. Startup costs are not prohibitive if you have millions of motivated possible contributors.

Having established a viable preliminary political party, it is then necessary to set up a default, debt-free digital currency and an on-line banking system for commercial transactions and later brick and mortar banks to handle hard cash.

The initial offering would be for, say, $15,000 to each member of the RPG party. They wouldn’t be called “dollars” as these would be discredited (pun intended). They could be called “bullets” or “ballots” or “bux”. There would be digital bux  with a “DB” followed by the 100 digit code and the consecutive bill number as given on page 7. When the present government has collapsed and the dollar is no longer viable, you could take your DB’s to the RPG bank and trade them for HB (hard bux). That is, the bank would erase the digital DB from the database and replace it in the database with an HB, meaning that that particular note could no longer be used in digital form but would be a physical paper bill of that denomination.

So that,

DB-1028938326783982398732987398273872398729379283498379734873283247187838381287394765252555527633004932 _______ #20DB-1009873333

would be converted to …

HB-1028938326783982398732987398273872398729379283498379734873283247187838381287394765252555527633004932 _______ #20HB-1009873333

and you’d have in hand a 20 BUX paper note listed as such in the bank’s database which you could check on line for authenticity by the method already given. Paper money gives anonymity to transactions after the note has been passed around a few times.

This mechanism will drive people to join the RPG system because they get 15,000 bux to join at no cost to them. Initially, it would be simply an insurance policy against destitution in the event of total currency collapse. You would receive your 15,000 DB by setting up a secure account at the on-line RPG bank. The bux would be deposited there.

To spend it, the bank acts as the middleman between you and your purchase like PayPal. You can’t spend the same money twice because it’s a 100% reserve banking system … no fractional reserve allowed.

But … there’s a catch of course.

The catch is that you must take a voter number and join the party. That number would be just like the bux except that the 100 digit code would have a “V” attached to it and the consecutive number would be your enrollment number.

V-1029927737673784637847823687236403023378283743248327739398723871347289798732987923999999377273770096 ______ #19,455,732

And … you don’t get your cash until and unless your vote makes it up through the hierarchy to the highest representative. And … part of your 15,000 bux is “shaved” to pay the salaries of the representatives as per the mechanism given on page 3.

20,000,000 members x 15,000 bux = 300,000,000,000 bux (in the current money supply)

20,000,000 = 2 x 10^7

So, we anticipate about 7 levels of representatives to pay.

1 (president) x 800,000,000 bux = ~800,000,000 bux
20 (supreme court) x 40,000,000 bux  = ~800,000,000 bux
200 (senator)x 4,000,000 bux  = ~800,000,000 bux
2000 (governor) x 400,000 bux  = ~800,000,000 bux
20,000 (mayor) x 40,000 bux  = ~800,000,000 bux
200,000 (alderman) x 4000 bux = ~800,000,000 bux
2,000,000 (local rep) x 400 bux = ~800,000,000 bux
20,000,000 (base members) x 40 bux  = 800,000,000 bux

At around 800 million bux per level, ~5.6 billion (give or take a billion) would be shaved for the first year salary of the representatives. Thereafter, they would have to be paid by the aforementioned collective consensus income tax as given on page 4.

~6 billion bux / ~300 billion bux = 2 percent

Of your initial 15,000 bux about 2% or about 300 bux would be shaved off to pay salaries. So, after your vote makes it to the top representative, you get 14,700 bux instead of the 15,000. Understand that this money just pays for the representatives to flit about the country in the service of their constituents for the first year. You would need to assess an income tax to pay for any continuing salaries and government services they might devise. And if you don’t like what they offer, you ‘de-select’ (unvote) them and they lose status and salary in the hierarchy.

Note: As a permanent feature, if your vote is not advanced to the highest representative, you do not get paid your salary during the time that it is not fully advanced. So, if a high representative is undecided about who to give his votes to, none of his constituents get paid during the time he holds back his votes. This is the incentive for him to make a decision because if his immediate electors and constituents are not being paid, they may de-select him and advance their votes through someone else who will get them to the highest representative thus resuming their salary payments.

For change, the coins now in service will do nicely. They don’t get counterfeited because it’s not worth the bother. They just facilitate very small transactions. One quarter would be equal to 1/4 bux. It’s not worth quibbling over and they’re already in circulation. They don’t amount to any significant impact on the BUX economy.

Every time a new voter is added to RPG, the money supply is increased by 15,000 bux. When a member dies, the money supply must be reduced by 15,000 bux (an income tax item). This means that the bux per member remains constant and no inflation occurs. But if bux are accepted with confidence, deflation will occur as bux migrate to other countries. Therefore, this economic system could be made available in other countries … if … they agree to set up the same rational command and control system.

And … people may acquire bux without joining RPG by engaging in free trade with members who offer bux for goods or services. So, no one is economically isolated if they choose not to join.

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