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Plan B – Intro

“I reserve the right to be 100% wrong … about anything whatsoever”              – EBTX                        ____________________________________________________________________________

This blog is about the mechanics involved in moving to a new form of government … after … the present government has collapsed, i.e. the transition as well as the destination.

This is not Plan A which is what will actually occur. It is Plan B … what could or should occur in the best of all possible worlds. The  form given is so far removed from anything yet proposed by others … it might as well be … from outer space.

There is no expectation of agreement from you.  My goal is that the reader should understand clearly what I am attempting to convey so that his disagreement can be on the most solid logical grounds possible.

The goal is not to convince … but rather only to explain. I want you simply to understand the logical mechanics of the thing.

My Qualifications:

I have no credentials whatsoever … by design. This means that I have not been infected … with or by …  “formal education”. I do have about 80,000 – 100,000 hours of intellectual experience … enough to produce these videos :

The Origin and Nature of the Universe

The Nature of Consciousness

Understand that if the content of these videos is fundamentally correct … then … my judgement in other matters may well be quite reasonable.  If false … then … no, I have truly wasted my life in the pursuit of truth.

Who may post a comment and expect not to be deleted:

The “table stakes” here are 10,000 – 20,000 hours of thought in your chosen field. If you are under 30, you’d have to have an extraordinary insight into something for me to accept your input. If you do choose to comment, a few hundred words are suggested. Craft your post. Edit and proof it for proper grammar and spelling. Surgically remove any clutter. I prize conceptual density. So, spare me any “fluff”. Don’t post it until and unless you are proud of your work.

Note: I don’t expect any agreement whatsoever … on anything. I do demand … absolutely … trenchant insight.


“A blind follower is no better than blind opposition” – EBTX

I don’t want to be liked … or hated. Feed me good ideas and I will bless your name.

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